This is an article I wrote in response to Dr Victoria Bateman of Cambridge University appearing naked on Good Morning Britain as a protest against Brexit.

Richard Madeley interviewing a nude Cambridge professor with “Brexit Leaves Britain Naked” scribbled on her chest is possibly the most Brexity thing that’s happened yet. The Overton Window, which measures how ridiculous public life can get, has now stretched so far that one side goes to Pluto and the other to an alternative universe. Whilst this unconcealed publicity stunt successfully adds almost nothing to the on-going Brexit saga, it does reveal one crucial thing, that the Remain camp is now dead.

In September 1977, on the programme Happy Days, Fonzie once jumped over a shark on water-skis. The scene went down in cinematic history as the moment that the much-beloved show ran out of ideas, starting a ratings freefall that led to its ironically unhappy death in 1984. Hollywood execs today still darkly talk about shows “jumping the shark” when they know it’s time to turn the cameras off.

On Good Morning Britain, watching Dr. Bateman in the buff attempt to explain how Brexit is somehow caught up in public indecency, showed us that Remain has jumped the shark. The Remain Camp is now like that washed up rock star, who just wants to get the old band together one last time, staring longingly at his old vinyls in a tired bedsit thinking of better days.

Sure, occasionally some of the old headliners come out. Blair might do an impromptu set on the Beeb, Alastair Campbell does a bit of a daytime TV. But somehow they all know it’s 3am and it’s time to go home.

As soon as Yvette Cooper’s amendment to extend Article 50 was sorely rebuffed in Parliament, that was it. Love it or loathe it, Brexit is now upon us – irreversible, irrepressible, irresistible – and no amount of desperate antics is going to change that.

Does Dr. No Clothes have a point? Does Brexit leave the UK starkers, fumbling around on the floor for the remnants of yesteryear’s outfit? Well, possibly. Who knows? But as Basil from Fawlty Towers famously said when asked the meaning of life, “beats me, guess we’re stuck with it.”

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