This is a collaboration I wrote with The Daily Mail on the trials and travails of online dating. The purpose of the article was to show women who are struggling to find someone to love that they are not alone; that we all face hardship on our search for the one; and to never give up hope.

I should probably note that I didn’t write the headline! It was written by the editor as a parody of that old question, asked in exasperation by so many women from Carrie Bradshaw to Bridget Jones, “why are there no decent men out there?”

The link to the article can be found here:

And the recording I had with Andrew Pierce, consultant editor for The Daily Mail, on his podcast, can be found here (my interview starts at 26.04):

I have been asked by a number of people what responses I received.

Ever efficient, I made a list!

In total, over Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, I was contacted by:

– 76 women looking for a date

– 10 women looking to set me up with their friends

– 5 mothers looking to marry me off to their daughters

– 1 aunt looking to marry me off to her niece

– 6 women I’ve dated saying they’re relieved they didn’t get a mention

– 2 women I’ve dated saying they’re devastated they didn’t get a mention 

– 3 exes looking to rekindle

– And 1 man saying I should just give up on women altogether and give him a go

The Daily Mail may be single handedly responsible for one day finding me a wife.

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