On 27th March 2018, I was proud to stand alongside Conservatives MPs, Labour MPs and protesters in solidarity against the virulent and poisonous anti-semitism in the Labour Party. This is my take on why Jeremy Corbyn’s repeated attempts to suppress the allegations against him by claiming that he is merely pro-Palestinian are cynical and wrong.

Remember the time when Jeremy Corbyn’s biggest faux pas was that he didn’t bow to the Queen? He probably remembers those first family problems with affection. Now he is desperately batting off racism allegations as the jew-hating ghosts of his past ride a parade float through the papers, each one hollowing out his claim that he isn’t anti-semitic, just obsessively pursuing “justice for the Palestinian people”, as he claimed in his vacuous video apology in early August.

Well as Joan Rivers might have said, this kvetch has chutzpah. Corbyn’s entire excuse-making playbook has been producing non-kosher porkies since the start of the anti-semitism row five months ago and not once has he been straight with the British people.

Why would concern for the Palestinian people lead the Labour leader to defend a mural depicting Jewish plutocrats playing Monopoly on the backs of the poor, dredging up the oldest anti-semitic trope that existed long before the State of Israel was founded? Why would pursuing justice for the Palestinian people justify Corbyn laying a wreath at the graves of the terrorists who orchestrated the Munich massacre of 1972, which killed eleven Israelis and a German police officer, exactly the sort of atrocity that has prevented peace between Israelis and Palestinians for decades? What does the Israeli-Palestinian conflict have to do with Jeremy Corbyn prevaricating over decisions to expel anti-semitic members of the Labour Party, such as Bognor Regis Labour Councillor Damien Enticott, who posted anti-semitic messages on Facebook as far back as 2015 and only received a suspension from the party in July 2018?

These questions are rhetorical because they are unanswerable – Corbyn is playing political acrobatics with the truth and hoping we’re all gullible enough to believe him.

And yet there’s a peculiarly counter-productive method to Corbyn’s brand of madness and that is this – he’s even useless at being pro-Palestinian.

Even though Jeremy Corbyn claims to be a self-styled, left wing politician, his support of the far right, autocratic regime Hamas, all under the pretext of being anti-Israel, is nothing more than an insult to the Palestinian people. Hamas have been tormenting and terrorising the people of Gaza ever since they came to power in 2006; and their blood-thirst for perpetual war with Israel will only continue the misery of their own people.

Hamas’s 1988 Charter states that there must be no peaceful solutions between the Israeli Jews and the Palestinian Muslims, only ‘jihad’ (Article 13) and it calls for the death of all Jewish people globally claiming that the ‘Day of Judgment will not come about until Moslems fight Jews and kill them’ (Article 7). These are odd candidates for Jeremy Corbyn to be calling “brothers” in the pursuit of justice for the Palestinian people. And lord knows what the Palestinians themselves must make of Corbyn.

Imagine being the father of 25 year old Mohammed Sweirki, an officer in the elite Palestinian Presidential Guard, who Hamas kidnapped, shot in the legs and threw off the 18th floor of the al-Ghafari Tower during their uprising against Fatah in 2007. Would you be proud to hear a British politician call Hamas officials his “friends”?

Or what if you were one of the two wives of Mahmoud Ishtiwi, himself a Hamas commander, who was shot three times by other Hamas loyalists in a mosque in the Gaza strip after they accused him of homosexuality, which is in their eyes a crime? Would you be heartened to see Jeremy Corbyn celebrating the release of Hamas terrorists on Iranian state TV, as he did on “Remember Palestine” in 2012, even though they between them had killed over 600 people?

Or perhaps Jeremy Corbyn could explain to the over 1.8 million people who live in Gaza why their government spent over $10 million orchestrating the violent and pointless “March of Return” in 2018, funds that could have been spent on their decaying schools and hospitals?

Jeremy Corbyn’s sympathy for Hamas will never lead to anything other than continuing misery, poverty and bloodshed for the Palestinian people. His futile attempts to camouflage his camaraderie with Jew-haters, Jew-baiters and Holocaust deniers under the guise of pursuing “justice for the Palestinian people” is both duplicitous and a betrayal of the people he is claiming to defend. And for those who truly want to see peace between the State of Israel and the Palestinian people, it’s time to face the reality – Corbyn is not on your side.

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