We sell

Alphatronic green platypus

And beauty tonic gelatinous

And candy-coated pithecanthropus

And dizzy dynamite so hazardous

And euphoric saints of Nazarus

With felonies all so scandalous

And gyrating girls calamitous

And hemoglobin extraneous

With inoculation miraculous

To fix your streptobacillus

And keep you pusillanimous

With little treats analogous

And melody mellifluous

Or even ceremonious

And never too somniferous

For plucky pals fastidious

And drag queens so androgynous

With rascals polypiferous

And sycophants so piteous

To tyrants supercilious

Unsettling and hideous

Victorious, never spurious

Wily, wicked and wondiferous

And simply incredul-i-us

You’ll find it all splendiferous

And all so vicissitudinous

In our shop.  

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