Delivering them

Bewildering them

The Table of Silver

Quicksilvers them

Jealousy draws a breath and sees to them

Their greed for silver devours them

A society in need of an itch

Slips the surly bonds and makes you twitch

The rich hitch to that wagon on Sixth Avenue

Where the pavements are gold and the hearts are pitch

How have we become so in love with silver and gold

Young and old, sink deeper into the lost and sold

Can’t take a breath without being told

Buy our product, it will make you whole.

We’ve sold our souls to a billboard by the street

The slow death will make you skip a beat

When you’re lying in sheets and feeling the heat

Of the money in your pocket burning the seat

Of the chair you’ve been in for twenty years

An office that’s tied you in knots and tears

This wasn’t the life you dreamed, its just fear

Keep the cash in your stash

The change is near.

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